Floor Number signs are required in every facility whether it is a 2 floor building or 100 floor building. These signs help distinguish every floor of your building and help people guest to different floors easily. HPD Dob and Fire department required building owner to put a sign that indicate the floor number.

Floor number signs are directional signs that help Guest and 1st responded to know their location in the building. The floor number signs are used to guide people throughout the building. There are several types of floor number signs but the most common are aluminum signs for both indoor and outdoor use.

DOB and HPD required owners to install floor number signs and apartment number signs. The floor number signs design to inform 1st respond their location in the building. The floor number signs also design for guest to know their location in the building. These signs are essential for staying oriented and finding your way in a building, particularly larger buildings, and are required for all HPD properties and new construction by DOB.


Frequently asked questions about floor number signs:

What Are Floor Number Signs and why do we use them?

The Floor number signs are directional signs that help guest inside a building to understand thiere location. The floor number helps guest and 1st respond to understand exactly where they are in the building.


Is Floor number sign required in residential Buildings?

Floor umber is required by most city, state , federal and DOB ( department of building), and HPD housing preservation and development.


Where to install my floor number sign?

The floor number sign need to be installing near elevator, Stairwell inside and out of the stairwell.


Do I need Professional to install my floor number sign?

No need professional to install the signs. Most signs come or with 4 holes for easy installation or with double sided tape. The super can install a sign in a minute and money can be saveed by buying the signs online.


How To Get NY Floor Number Signs or any floor number sign?

We provide nearly all the signs you need to stay compliant with regulations from HPD, dob and any local, city and state laws. You can buy you signs online and save money than buying it customize and pay much more money for No reason. We carry in stock full line of all floor number signs with different colors

1)     White- floor number sign

2)     silver – Floor number signs

3)     Gold – floor number signs


What Features Do hpd Floor Number Signs Have?

NYC hpd law about floor number signs is straight forward .§27-2048 Floor Signs-The owner of a multiple dwelling more than two stories in height shall post and maintain a sign, of sufficient size to be readily seen, which states the number of the floor. Such signs shall be located in the public hall near the stairs and elevator, and within any stair enclosure.


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